Intractable Rare Dis Res. 2014;3(1):19-24. (DOI: )

Auditory processing disorders associated with a case of Kartagner's syndrome.

Saransh J, Vikas MD


Kartagner's syndrome is a rare autosomal recessive disorder characterized by sinusitis, bronchiectasis and situs inversus. Otitis media is seen in 95% of the individuals with this syndrome due to recurrent respiratory infections and dysfunctional cilia in the middle ear. Earlier research reported the presence of structural and functional deficits in the auditory brainstem following long standing otitis media. However, no such findings have been reported in individuals with this syndrome. Thus, the present case report highlights the results of various audiological tests with special emphasis on investigating the auditory processing abilities in a known case of Kartagner's syndrome. In order to accomplish the aim, the audiological test battery was carried out on a 42 year old male patient diagnosed as having Kartagner's syndrome. The basic audiological tests, including immittance audiometry, pure tone audiometry, otoacoustic emission and auditory brainstem response (using click stimulus) results indicated the presence of mild to moderate mixed hearing loss in both ears. However, results of the auditory brainstem response (using speech stimulus) pointed toward abnormal speech processing skills. Thus, the behavioral test battery approach (including speech perception in noise test, gap detection test, temporal modulation transfer function test and duration pattern test) was followed and the findings suggested presence of auditory closure and temporal processing deficit. The outcome of the case study recommends that a complete test battery approach involving psychoacoustic tests should be used to assess such cases and auditory rehabilitation should be suggested accordingly.

KEYWORDS: Kartagner's syndrome, primary ciliary dyskinesia, auditory processing, psychoacoustics

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