Intractable Rare Dis Res. 2013;2(4):136-138. (DOI: 10.5582/irdr.2013.v2.4.136)

Can Alzheimer's disease be prevented?

Murray F


Alzheimer's disease (AD) is the most common form of dementia. Survival time for an AD patient is generally 4 to 6 years after diagnosis, however, survival time can be as long as 20 years from the detection of initial symptoms, which can surface in the 30s, 40s, and beyond. This window of opportunity suggests that many people can prolong their life with life-changing choices related to diet, exercise, nutritional supplements, and nutraceuticals. This was emphasized in many recent studies and was described in detail in the book "Minimizing the Risk of Alzheimer's Disease" published in the USA in 2012.

KEYWORDS: Alzheimer, risk factor, smoking, total dietary fat, regular exercise

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