Intractable Rare Dis Res. 2012;1(4):157-160. (DOI: 10.5582/irdr.2012.v1.4.157)

The use of cffDNA in fetal sex determination during the first trimester of pregnancy of female DMD carriers.

Wu D, Hou QF, Li T, Chu Y, Guo QN, Kang B, Liao SX


Chorionic villus sampling (CVS) or amniocentesis for fetal sex determination is generally the first step in the prenatal diagnosis of X-linked genetic disorders such as Duchenne muscular dystrophy (DMD). However, non-invasive prenatal diagnostic techniques such as measurement of cell-free fetal DNA (cffDNA) in maternal plasma are preferable given the procedure-related miscarriage rate of CVS. We determined fetal sex during the first trimester using a quantitative real-time quantitative polymerase chain reaction (PCR) assay of cffDNA in pregnant carriers of DMD. The fetal sex was confirmed by amniocentesis karyotype analysis and multiplex ligation-dependent probe amplification (MLPA) at 16 weeks. This procedure may avoid unnecessary CVS or amniocentesis of female fetuses.

KEYWORDS: Cell-free fetal DNA (cffDNA), non-invasive prenatal diagnostic (NIPD), Duchenne muscular dystrophy (DMD), fetal sex determination

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