Intractable Rare Dis Res. 2022;11(4):161-172. (DOI: 10.5582/irdr.2022.01109)

Comparison of current guidelines and consensus on the management of patients with cholangiocarcinoma: 2022 update

Zhang XY, Cai YL, Xiong XZ, Liu A, Zhou RX, You Z, Li FY, Cheng NS


As a consequence of breakthroughs in the area of guidelines research, the therapy for cholangiocarcinoma has significantly improved the efficacy rate of diagnosis and survival outcomes. We compared the most recently updated clinical practice guidelines and consensus to provide recommendations based on the diagnostic and therapeutic equipment available in various countries. Following a systematic review, we discovered that these guidelines and consensus had both similarities and differences in terms of what organizations or groups drafted the guidelines and the approach, applicability, content and recent updates of the guidelines as well as in terms of diagnostic and treatment algorithms. The disparities could be attributable to a variety of etiological factors, high risk patients, health resources, medical technology, treatment options, and income levels. Additionally, while complete adoption of guidelines may benefit physicians, patients, and authorities, there remains a disconnect between expected goals and implementation.

KEYWORDS: cholangiocarcinoma, clinical practice guideline, diagnosis, treatment

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